SEO Challenges For Optimizing A Brand New Website

What are the different challenges SEO’s face for optimizing a brand new website? Here are some of the critical challenges I have noticed over the years optimizing a brand new website. Search Engine Optimisation is a time-consuming project when compared to search engine marketing. Doing Search Engine Optimization for a brand new website takes much more time as the website content, digital assets, product/services, their reference on other websites will be minor. Hence, it will take more time to optimize a brand new website compared to an existing website. I have mentioned some of the important essential elements going to be challenging for SEO’s when optimizing a brand new website. 

  • Brand Visibility: New brands hardly have any pre-existing customers and their presence in the search engines. When it comes to optimizing the old website, it is accessible to rank for the branded keywords and the keywords associated with the brand, which helps us show the results for the client within a short time.
  • Domain History: Domain history plays a vital role in the Search Engine Ranking Positions of a website in search engines. However, when it comes to the brand new website, it has been recently registered and doesn’t have that much history with ICANN or Who.is.
  • Lack of Social Signals: As the product and the website are brand new, it takes time for promoting the brand on various social networking sites.
  • No Offline marketing activity: If there is any offline activity, it will be helpful for the website to drive some traffic for the branded keywords.
  • Other Search Engine Marketing Activities: Having other search engine marketing activities like PPC, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing will help the SEO, as they bring some traffic to the website for the branded keywords and increase brand visibility.
  • Frequent Changes: For anewly launched website, there will be Frequent changes to the website, which is one of the most significant challenges for the SEO’s optimizing a new website. 
  • Digital Assets Optimization: It will be challenging to do the digital assets optimization for a brand new website as we need to fight with the existing competitors. They are already there for a long time. 
  • Content Creation: The other challenge is to educate the client and the content writer on how to write content for SEO pages.
  • Structured Data: The products and services will have significantly fewer reviews, and ratings, as the website a recent one. Structured data works very quickly for established websites when compared to newly launched websites.
  • Existing Competitors: Another critical challenge is the existing competitors online for the same product/services. They will be doing SEO for a long time, and competing with them with a newly launched website is a big challenge.
  • Google Data Analysis: As the site is brand new and the data is low, it will be complicated to interpret better strategies.
  • Client Expectations: This is one of the toughest challenges most SEO’s face. Meanwhile, other channels like email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, leads start coming from day one as they will reach the target customers intact. However, SEO is a lengthy process in which we need to complete on-page activities, technical activities, off-page activities, and digital assets Optimization. All these will take time for the results to achieve. 
  • Google Algorithms: This is one of the exciting and main challenges for SEOs. At the time of preparing the SEO proposal, the Search engine ranking algorithms might change within a short time of starting the project, which might force the SEOs to change the optimization plan and further delays the results.

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Amar Tadi: The Author has around 20 years of experience in  Search Engine Optimization, especially in technical elements of the website. He has the most experience working on the websites in Google penalty and has any other technical issues that are the reason for the non-performance. He has vast experience working on international portals, e-commerce sites,  the health industry,  the educational industry,  legal and technological product websites.

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