Telangana RTA m-Wallet

Transport Minister Shri. Mahender Reddy and IT Minister Shri. K. Taraka RamaRao launched Telangana RTA m–Wallet mobile app on Mar 30, 2016.

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What is Telangana RTA m–Wallet: Telangana RTA m–Wallet is an app developed to store the digital copies of the vehicle registration certificate and drivers license. One can store and show the details of their vehicle on mobile instead of carrying the original copies all the time.

How to register for Telangana RTA m–Wallet: The app allows one to register by providing basic information like name, email id and the mobile number. The registrar should complete the verification process  by the OTP received on his/her mobile number. On successful completion of the verification process, can add the vehicle registration certificate and drivers license.


It’s a great idea and need to congratulate the government of Telangana, especially the IT minister Mr. K. Taraka RamaRao for taking these kind of steps towards Digital India.

Areas of improvement in Telangana RTA m–Wallet:

  • The insurance details showing along with the registration certificate. The details of the registration certificate may change when someone transfers the vehicle, where as the insurance details will change every year. Not sure, how the app developers update the insurance details where there are so many insurance providers in the market.
  • The app worked a bit fine when it is on the beta version before the launch, but soon after the launch, the app is no more working. Hope the developers working on it.

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  • For most of the driving licenses the mobile numbers haven’t been updated and adding drivers license always shows an error.
  • There should be provision to upload the copy of pollution certificate as well.

No one is 100% perfect and there will be issues in the early stage of any product. Hope the developers will fix them at the earliest and add some additional features suggested above. Once again, I would like to congratulate Shri. K. Taraka RamaRao for taking these kind of initiative steps towards Digital India.