Guidelines for Designing Landing Pages

Guidelines for Designing Landing Pages:

  • Highlight product features in the form of bullet points and preferably place them at the center of landing page below the header image.
  • Make sure the CTA image/images should be placed above page fold (visible window).
  • In case if you have a submission form as conversion metric, make sure to place it above the page fold (visible window), preferably on right side, because most of the visitors got habited to see the form on right side of the page.
  • Add phone number at the top right of the landing page, preferably toll free number which most of the visitors like J
  • Use minimum text on visible window. If you have more content add that below the page fold.
  • Make sure to highlight all the value added services before page fold (visible window). Some of them mentioned below:
    • Free delivery
    • Money back guarantee
    • 24*7 customer support
    • Credit card payment
    • McAfee¬† SECURE / Truste / BBB logo / BuySafe
    • Make sure to add couple of testimonials before page fold (visible window)
  • Landing Page Code Optimization:
    • Remove unwanted source code from the page.
    • Call CSS from external style sheet.
    • Call JS files from external JS file.
    • Minimize tracking scripts on page. Place only the must require tracking scripts.
    • Optimize the images and if possible split them to small ones so that they can load fast.