New Google Maps

Google Maps Places Info

New Google Maps

Google has launched a new interface for its Google map product.

The new interface needs the user to login to access the maps whereas the earlier one doesn’t need.

Here are a few additional features on the new Google maps interface:

Explore: This option displays the thumbnails of the important places nearby.

Google Maps Important Places

Photo Tour: A photo tour has been designed for the important places. For some places 3D tour has been provided.

Google Maps Photo Tour

Places Info: The places info has been improvised compared to the earlier version. The place info is displayed on the left side of the screen instead of displaying the info next to places. The directions and save option has been provided in the same places info pop up.

Google Maps Places Info

Overall the new Google maps interface looks similar to the mobile version of the desktop. The new explore and photo tours provide additional information to the visitors in the same interface.

Check out the below video to know more about Google maps: